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Welcome to Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is one of the friendliest and most interesting cities to live in. But finding the right home can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, MVA Certified Expat Brokers are specialist in providing expatriates with the best possible service when looking for a home either to rent or buy in our historic city. The MVA (Amsterdam Real Estate Brokers Association) is the professional organization for estate brokers active in the Amsterdam Metropolitan area.

Renting a home
If you're new to Amsterdam and are looking for rented housing, the safest and most efficient way to find your home is to engage a MVA Certified Expat Broker, experienced in helping expats. Based on your needs, budget and family composition, the agent can offer you excellent tailor-made advice, such as information about current availabilities and about which neighborhoods in Amsterdam are most suitable for you and your specific needs and desires.

Buying a home
Buying a house or apartment is probably one of the biggest financial decisions you'll ever take in your life. As an expat it can be a challenge, especially for those who aren't very familiar with Amsterdam and its diverse neighborhoods. Our specialized Expat Brokers will contact you, discuss your wishes and match those with the desired neighborhoods and properties. They have also a lot of knowledge when it comes to legislation and specific financial issues around buying a home in Amsterdam.

Other services
I bought a property and I am leaving The Netherlands, what are my options?
It's also wisest to use an MVA broker if your wish to sell or rent out your home in Amsterdam. Each MVA broker has unique connections to both online and offline networks which can help you find a buyer or tenant as soon as possible, and at the right price and conditions. In some cases a valuation (appraisal) report may be necessary. Every MVA broker is also a registered valuer/appraiser and can draw up a certified valuation report within a few days. When renting out your property while your are abroad you might require a property manager to represent you on location and to maintain the quality of your investment.

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